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Interested in low tech in art, soft power, bio art and techno ecologies, autonomy & algorithmic governance, maps&mapping, rhizomatic writing, art book, post body image, art&language, semiology of objects. Collaboration and networking, sharing economy and knowledge exchange.



Media artist, cultural worker, art manager, researcher, passionate traveler and nature lover. who implements her research through projects that she organizes with various cultural institutions and non profit organizations. Since 2019 she is a part of art group Translation flowers .                                                                                                                                                    




-Training seminar in English as a Medium of Instruction (EMI certificate)


-TRAIN program (Certificate in Training and Research for Academic Newcomers)



Master in  New Media  Art 

Academy of Arts University of Novi Sad



Bachelor in New New Media Arts

Academy of Arts University of Novi Sad


Exhibitions, performances and interventions  


  -What is This Exhibition Doing Here? performance with Darija Medic during the finissage of the exhibition Transpositional discourse of identity and space in SANU (Serbian Academy of Science and Art) gallery, Novi Sad, Serbia.

  -#idplaces, collaborative public intervention in the city of Paris as part of the Transpositional discourse of identity and space project

  -Kalen Mutaja / collaborative site specific intervention at Varjakansaari, Finland done  with Nancy Dewhurst and Inkeri Jantti



  -Enclave art, exhibition of artworks created at the residency at Penyangolosa region, Spain

  -You-悠, small interventions at Great wall of China as part of  the HERE project postcard  series


  -Emotional space of words and objects 1, Contemporary gallery of Smederevska   Palanka, Serbia

  -Mapping the critical discourse, Ars Kozara,

  site specific installation, Bosnia and Hercegovina

  -Emotional space of words and objects 2 , Contemporary gallery of Kraljevo


  -Emotional space of words and objects,

Multimedia center, Academy of Arts, Novi Sad,


  -Project Razlike, group exhibition, Fabrika, Novi Sad, Serbia

  -Poetika nađenog materijala, author of project concept, Gallery Macut -Spens, Novi Sad, Serbia



  -Uscire dai margin, exhibition of murals in collaboration with Italian artist Riccardo Bargellini in Museum Storia Naturale di Livorno, Italy

  -Looking at the World, video Shortz festival, Novi Sad

  -Untitled, drawings in gallery Rajko Mamuzić, Novi Sad, Serbia

  -Play the line, Gallery of Matica Srpska, Novi Sad, Serbia

  -Notes on awalk, Gallery of Rajko Mamuzić,

Novi Sad, Serbia



  -Photo exhibition, Gallery Photo Cinema Alliance of Vojvodina, Novi Sad, Serbia

  -Plastic Paradise, performance Night of Museums, Multimedia Center, Academy of Arts,Novi Sad, Serbia

  -Hybrid Media Camp, Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina, Novi Sad,

  -Safeguard of Cultural Heritage in Kosovo Art Colony and group exhibitions,

 Humanitarian Aid Organization INTERSOS, managed by UNESCO, Peć/Peje



  -Drawings, Gallery Lobby, Academy of Arts,Novi Sad, Serbia



Public Lectures  



  -Panel - Perception of Contemporaneity - The Universal Sea moderated by Nicole Loeser (DE)


  - Lecture/ Data as artist material at Faculty of Fine Art, University of Porto, Portugal

  -Workshop/ HERE BECOME on concrete web poetry at Faculty of Fine Art, University of Porto, Portugal



  -Lecture/Algorithmic futures at BEYOND Festival, Karlsruhe, Germany


  -Lecture/Presentation at Winterhafen Dorkboat Art scene on Danube River in the city of Novi Sad;

Linz, Austria



  -Lecture/Presentation, FIELDS Conference, 

Autonomies, Riga, Latvia



  -Lecture/Presentation, Republic festival and

Conference,  Alternative production and consumption, Rijeka, Croatia




  -TaikaBox - Collaborative residency at Varjakka island, Finland


  =Mobile +3 Academic Staff Mobility program at Faculty of Fine Art, University of Porto, Portugal

  -Enclave Land art –  Residency at Penyangolosa mountain, Spain


  -Erasmus+ Staff Residency, Professional Training at Accademia Belle Arti di Napoli, Italy


  -AIR Residency, Ars Kozara, Bosnia&Hercegovina


Appreciation from INTERSOS, Humanitarian Art Organization managed by UNESCO, for work and engagement in art colony Safeguard of Cultural Heritage in Kosovo in Peja/ Peć


University of Novi Sad , reward  for academic years; 2008 -2009; 2009 -2010;  2010-2011; 2011 -2012, Academy of Art.


Scholarship for young talents, Ministry of Youth and Sports, Republic of Serbia for year 2012-2013. 


Published works  


 -Sunčica Pasuljević Kandić (2015). On New media 

art in: Biljana Mickov, Dragan Ilić (2015). Cultural    

transformation of the city; The Institute for    Culture of Vojvodina, Novi Sad


=Kristian Lukić,Sunčica Pasuljević Kandić (ed.2013).

Autonomies, The Institute for Culture of

Vojvodina, Novi Sad

Curated exhibitions  



  -3x3 Ambiental praciticums, students experimental installations done in cooperation with Youth center CK13

  -Young Danube Stream, international group show as part of the Danube Dialogues 2019 festival, co-author of the project with Stevan Kojic and assistant curator to Sanja Kojic Mladenov and Nicole Loeser

  -Transpozitions of identity and space, international group exhibition, National Gallery of Art and Science / SANU , Novi Sad Serbia, project author and curator


  - Autonomies, international group exhibition, Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina, Serbia, co-curator and co-author with Kristian Lukic. Part of Creative Europe project Techno Ecologies


  -Poetika nađenog materijala, Gallery Macut -Spens, Novi Sad, Serbia , author and curator


Work, work, work  

Since 2016 she is working as an Assistant professor at the Academy of Arts, department of New media art,  University of Novi Sad, where she teaches Digital art and Intermedia art research.

In 2013 she started working in NGO sector with cultural institutions as a project manager at - Interkultivator and  Institute for flexible cultures and technologies - NAPON  where she implemented and organized various projects in area of contemporary art practices, IT, art&science.

With a keen interest in higher education in art sector she became an active member of WBAA - Western Balkan Alumni Association. The aim of WBAA is to establish a strong union of alumni that will empower young people, foster policy-dialogue with local, national and regional authorities and promote  regional cooperation as well as contribute to the modernization of higher education

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