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Interested in semantics, materiality of technology, semiology of objects, soft power, techno ecologies, identity making in technologicaly mediated society. Maps & mapping, rhizomatic writing, art books, linguistic games & instructional pieces, participatory practices, psycho-geographical research. Collaboration and networking, sharing economy and knowledge exchange, curating and teaching. Since 2019 creates and collaborates as a part of an art group Translation flowers .          



Antidiscipllinary being with a desire to orchestrate loosely choreographed interactions with communities and spaces that we share. Creating interventions at the intersection of artists research, curatorial and pedagogical practice. Through site specific research and participatory performative approaches I explore issues of language, collaboration, identity making in the context technological development and its affect to our Anthropocene environment. question the boundaries and flexibility of art education and explore arts connection to contemporary life of capitalized data and materiaility behind our AI systems.                                                                                                                                         

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